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We accelerate digital growth for SME!

We accelerate digital growth for SME!

Hello there!

We are experienced & specialized in the SME market with an absolute focus on R.O.I., added value & customer centricity. Check our socials for more info about our company and culture. Also visit our Trustpilot account for client reviews or discover our client stories on our blog!

We develop your tailor made digital growth strategy and business case. We get your rankings up in Google and maximize your organic visibility. We increase the R.O.I. of your digital campaigns and make your platform hyper-intelligent!

Digital growth strategy: market analysis, competitor discovery, performance audit, digital eco system design, R.O.I. calculation & dashboarding.

Next Gen SEO: technical optimization of your platform, SEO copywriting, link building, Rankbrain/E.A.T./M.U.M./B.E.R.T. analysis & improve the user experience. We support SEO for Google, Yandex, Baidu & Bing

Smart campaigns: setup, management & optimization of social, video, search & programmatic campaigns. Production of ad copy & visuals. Setup of campaign monitoring & dashboards and build-up of smart targetting audiences.

Intelligent platforms: optimization of the technical infrastructure, improve measurability, develop & integrate smart webtools & plugins.

Want to know more? Join us for a nice cup of whilst we discuss your digital opportunities during a first introductory meeting without obligations. We believe in consultative selling, so we'll do our best to provide you with first, relevant insights to accelerate your digital growth!

Let's connect! You can send us an e-mail on or have a quick chat with Alexander, our CEO, on +32.493.24.18.00

A selection of SME, brands & platforms we currently support:

BAUNAT (Antwerp)

  • Diamond jewellery eCommerce platform
  • Our support: strategy, SEO & social media advertising, project management

  • Intolaw (Ghent)

  • Innovative legal services & platforms
  • Our support: strategy, development, SEO, campaign management & analytics

  • (Eke-Nazareth)

  • Premium mom community & content platform
  • Our support: strategy, development, marketing & analytics

  • The Babyscorner (Eke-Nazareth)

  • Online retailer pregnancy, baby & children
  • Our support: strategy, marketing & analytics, project management

  • Orbid (Ghent)

  • IT, software & HR service provider
  • Our support: SEO & campaign management

  • BMW Peter Daeninck (Oudenaarde / Ghent)

  • BMW dealer
  • Our support: strategy, development, project management, marketing & analytics

  • (Oudenaarde)

  • Price comparison & search engine pharmaceutical products
  • Our support: strategy, SEO, analytics, development

  • BERT Containers (Oudenaarde)

  • Container & waste service provider
  • Our support: SEO, marketing & analytics, development

  • (Hamme)

  • Ecommerce platform storage products & services
  • Our support: SEO

  • Moore (Antwerp)

  • Service provider accountancy & financial services
  • Our support: SEO

  • Pegase (Ghent)

  • Premium travel tour operator
  • Our support: SEO, analytics, campaign management

  • Verolift (Ghent)

  • Elevator production & installation services
  • Our support: SEO, recruiting campaigns

  • Ocewood (France)

  • Outdoor fences, gates & sealing production & sales
  • Our support: SEO & analytics

  • Brand New Office (Herne)

  • Ecommerce platform for B2B furniture
  • Our support: SEO, recruiting campaigns

  • Vlerick-Aquajet (Gavere)

  • Pipe cleaning & industrial waste processing
  • Our support: Paid campaign management

  • Certifisc (Oudenaarde / Ghent)

  • Accountancy & SME services
  • Our support: Strategy, paid campaign management, SEO, algorithm development
  • And many more...

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